Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms due to cocaine usage

Know what cocaine withdrawal symptoms you should expect and how to handle them properly.

When a person has been using cocaine in binges and has became dependent, they should expect cocaine withdrawal symptoms to happen when they stop taking the drug. Depending on the amount of time and the amount that they have used the drug, will determine the amount and intensity of their withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms after the initial “crash” stage can last from several hours to several days. The post acute withdrawal symptoms can last for several days to several months.

Everyone’s cocaine withdrawal symptoms are going to be different. There are some common symptoms that most cocaine users will experience during the withdrawal stage. Most people refer an addiction to cocaine to a loan. The user will get the loan which is the high, then once the high has faded and the are in the “crash” stage, they are left with the debt. Then the rebound and recovery time is known as paying off the debt. Once the debt is “paid” or the recovery is completed, the user will be able to feel good without the drug.

Common Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine Cravings

When a person has used the drug for a period of time, they will start to have cravings for more once their high has faded off. The cravings are the bodies way to tell the person it wants the feel good pleasure again and can cause some overwhelming symptoms to get the desired high. Once a person can overcome these feelings, their recovery will be a bit more easier.

Mood Changes

It is common for a person addicted to cocaine to experience mood changes when they are going through withdrawal. Some of the mood changes that most users experience are anxiety, irritable and depression. Typically a user would experience more upbeat and alertness while high on cocaine, so when they are withdrawing, their mood can change drastically. Mood changes should pass once they have overcame the withdrawal stage.


It is typical for a person experiencing other cocaine withdrawal symptoms, to more than likely experience sleeping problems. Some people have troubles either falling asleep or staying asleep. Sometimes, the reasons for the sleeping problems is due to the unpleasant dreams they are having. There has been cases where people actually sleep for extended period of time and will sleep too much.

Physical Symptoms

When the body is going through withdrawal for almost any drug including cocaine, physical symptoms are more than likely going to happen. Aches, pains, tremors and chills are the most common physical cocaine withdrawal symptoms a person may experience. While the body is overcoming the addiction, the physical withdrawal symptoms will ease up and it should become much more easer for the person to move on and experience less pain.

Get Help!

Getting help for cocaine withdrawal symptoms and recovering from a cocaine addiction, is possible. No one should ever feel ashamed or feel like they need to go through the recovery process alone. Obtaining help from a cocaine treatment center can help you or your loved one overcome a cocaine addiction for good.

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