Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms caused by marijuana

There are a variety of different marijuana withdrawal symptoms you should be prepared for.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms are often much less intense than drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Even though the withdrawal symptoms may not be as intense or even life threatening, they can be very uncomfortable for a person who is trying to quit. The changes are high for a person to relapse and go back to smoking to help relieve the symptoms that may occur.

Marijuana Cravings

When a person is going through withdrawal, they have a high chance of experiencing extreme cravings for the drug. Most cravings are during the first few days of withdrawal. Most people who are experiencing this symptom will often deny that they have any addiction to marijuana. This is a typical behavior for many drug users, no matter if it is marijuana or another drug.

Emotional / Mood Swings

It is very common for a person experiencing marijuana withdrawal symptoms, to experience mood swings. They may go from an excited or happy moment to depressed or very angry quick. Irritability and anger are common for any user that is trying to overcome an addiction to a controlled substance. Some other emotional symptoms that a person can experience is restlessness, nervousness and loss of concentration.

Body Aches / Headaches

When a person stops using marijuana, it is common to experience headaches and other body aches. The pains can be very intense in the first few days of withdrawal and usually start to get a bit more manageable within a few days. Some people will experience the symptoms for several weeks to several months.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is often common among people who are going through marijuana withdrawal symptoms. When a person is going through this process, they may have a change in appetite, digestion problems and nausea. This can cause weight loss that can be severe if it goes on for a longer period of time.

Change of Personality

When a person goes through withdrawal, their personality can change. They may not have the same sense of humor that they once had before. This is something that can change once the user overcomes their addiction to marijuana. Many people who use the drug to get high, they often are more laid back and easy going. When the person comes off the drug, they tend to start come back to reality and start to see things in a different ways.

Get Help!

No matter if you are deciding to quit by choice or because you are being forced to quit, you will have a large change of experiencing some type, if not all the marijuana withdrawal symptoms listed above. It is important to not take the journey to recovery alone. If you have been smoking weed for a long period of time, some of the marijuana withdrawal symptoms can be hard to manage alone. Obtaining help at a recovery center can be a great way to overcome your addiction to marijuana.

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