Amphetamine Withdrawal Treatment

Treatment for amphetamine withdrawal

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An addiction to amphetamine can cause some serious damage to a person physically, mentally and emotionally. When a person is trying to quit, they should never attempt to go about it alone. Obtaining help through an amphetamine withdrawal treatment program can be one of the best decisions the user makes in their life. Many addicts have a hard time with admitting their problem or ignoring the damage that the drug may be causing. One the most essential steps to recovery is acknowledging the addiction and wanting to make a change. Here we are going to discuss the different steps the person will take along their journey of amphetamine withdrawal treatment.


The ultimate goal for the person is to recover from their addiction to amphetamine. Before that goal can be accomplished, they will need to come to the fact that they need treatment and agree to the treatment plan. Sometimes the person will have a court order that will make them follow through on their treatment. For others, they have the right to leave when they want

Medications can help in the intervention process. They can help with the withdrawal symptoms that may occur. When the amphetamine withdrawal symptoms are managed, this can help the person think more clearly and have a desire to stop using the drug. A few withdrawal symptoms that can be treated are anxiety, insomnia and nausea.

Therapy / Counseling

The person going through amphetamine withdrawal treatment, should never feel bad about themselves. Therapy can help the person understand why they may have been abusing the drug and find ways to help stop those reasons from occurring again. Therapy is also used to help the person discover their psychological needs.

Another reason for therapy, is for the person to have someone or a group of people to turn to when they are in need. Relapse is very high for people with an amphetamine addiction, so support is a must during the journey. When the person has a positive support system to lean on, they will less likely want to turn to negative people or situation that may be causing the amphetamine addiction to recur.

Types of Amphetamine Withdrawal Treatment

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient amphetamine withdrawal treatment programs are more intensive than other types of programs. The person will be monitored around the clock. Many of the person’s daily activities will be routine and maintained in different types of sessions. Most inpatient centers will have on site exercising equipment, special activities, classes, spiritual sessions and other services. The patient will always have a person to talk to, no matter what time of the say it is.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient amphetamine withdrawal treatment programs are not usually encouraged for most users. They can be used for a person who may have a strong support system outside of the rehab center and have other obligations they must attend too. The person will have much fewer limitations and their treatment won’t be as rigorous. They will have access to therapy and group sessions during their recovery.

Support Groups

Support groups are often used for people who have already went through an inpatient or outpatient recovery program. This is a type of support that helps the person from reverting back into their addiction and stay strong while sober. The groups are most often filled with other recovering addicts that are walking the same path has the person is.

Get Help!

Even though there may not be treatment at this time to treat an addiction to amphetamine, you still have hope! There are many people who have found an amphetamine withdrawal treatment program and was able to come out with a fresh new start. It is important to never take the journey to recovery alone and have a program and support system next to you.